About IBS

Who We Are

Iloilo Bloggers Society is a community of legitimate Iloilo bloggers and online influencers from diverse backgrounds. Our expertise is enriched by experience from actual engagements. We create content for various online platforms and we cover a range of themes, among them: News • Business and Technology • Inventions and Innovations • History and Culture • Arts and Lifestyle • Food and Health • Travel and Tourism • Society, Fashion and Style • Education • Entertainment • Sports


A frontrunner in the online community who play the role as a catalyst in building a conscientious

Mission and Core Values

Our mission and core values stand on four pillars:

Accountability – we exercise responsibility and follow ethical standards by producing accurate content for our clients and the public.

Knowledge – we value shared knowledge and the materials that we will create is motivated to raise awareness and to educate the public.

Partnership – we treasure relationships, hence, our approach in connecting with our clients is through cooperation, collaboration, and partnership.

Competitiveness – we recognize open market competition as a positive driving force for progress, thus our engagements will be grounded on fairness and healthy competition.


To serve as a channel for online communications on a range of products, services, and events to a global audience.